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November 03, 2003 - November 06, 2003

Can the United States Become a Force for Peace? - The US after the War on Iraq 

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

President and Founder, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Washington, D.C.

Keynote Speaker

The Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, President and Founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, is one of America's foremost political figures who began his career as an assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Long before national health care, a war on drugs, dialogue with the Soviet Union and negotiations with the Middle East were popular positions, Reverend Jackson advocated them. By virtue of his advocacy, South African apartheid and the fight for democracy in Haiti came to the forefront of the national conscience. His two presidential campaigns in 1984 and 1988 broke new ground in US politics helping the Democratic Party to regain control of the Senate and to sweep hundreds of elected officials into office. In 1990 Reverend Jackson was elected to the post of US Senator from Washington, D.C. As a highly respected world leader he has acted as an international diplomat in sensitive situations. In 1984, for example, he secured the release of captured Navy Lieutenant Robert Goodman from Syria and the release of 48 Cuban and Cuban-American prisoners. He was also the first American to bring hostages out of Kuwait and Iraq in 1990. A hallmark of Reverend Jackson's work has been his commitment to youth encouraging them to strive for academic excellence and to stay drug-free. Reverend Jackson has been awarded more than 40 honorary doctorate degrees and has been on the Gallup List of the Ten Most Respected Americans for the past ten years.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003:

19:30 Evening talk and dialogue at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

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Thursday, November 6, 2003:

14:00 Keynote speech and dialogue at Thammasat University (Auditorium)

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