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December 06, 2004 - December 09, 2004

'The economics of peace'

Prof. Clive W. Granger

Nobel Laureate for Economics, La Jolla

Keynote Speaker

Clive W. Granger is a Professor of Economics at the University of California in St. Diego. He was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences shared with Prof. Robert F. Eagle for the development of methods of analysing economic time series with common trends. Born in Swansea, Wales, Clive W. Granger earned his joined B.A. degree in economics and mathematics from Nottingham University in 1955, followed by a Ph.D. degree in statistics in 1959. After he obtained a Harkness Fellowship at Princeton University, New Jersey, and became Professor of Economics and Statistics at Nottingham University he went to the University of California, St. Diego, to take a professorship in the Economics Department, where he has remained and taken part in building up the econometrics section to become one of the finest in the world. From the 1960s Clive W. Granger has been one of the most influential scholars in time series economics. Such time series show the development of GDP, stock prices, interest rates, etc. Methods developed by Prof. Granger are applied in the analysis of relations between wealth and consumtion, exchange rates and price levels, and short and long-term interest rates. It is said that it's virtually impossible to do empirical work in time series economics without using his methods.

Monday, December 6, 2004:

16:30 Dialogue on 'Economics and global justice' hosted by Forum Asia
(not a public event)

Tuesday, December 7, 2004:
14:00 Keynote speech and dialogue at Siam University
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Wednesday, December 8, 2004:
14:00 Keynote speech and dialogue at Bangkok University
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20:00 Dialogue at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand
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Thursday, December 9, 2004:
10:30 Keynote speech and dialogue at Chiang Mai University
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