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January 17, 2005 - January 17, 2005

'Globalization and regionalism'

Prof. James J. Heckman

Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences,Chicago

Keynote Speaker

James J. Heckman is a Professor of Economics, Director of the Economic Research Center and of the Center for Social Program Evaluation at the University of Chicago. He was awarded the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences shared with Prof. Daniel L. McFadden for his development of a theory and methods that are widely used in the statistical analysis of individual and household behavior, within economics as well as other social sciences. James J. Heckman was born in Chicago and educated at Colorado College and Princeton University. In 1973 he was recruited by the University of Chicago where he has remained until today. Prof. Heckman's work has been devoted to the development of a scientific basis for economic policy evaluation. He has developed the economics and econometrics of lifecycle dynamic models to study unemployment, wage growth and skill formation over the lifecycle. He has also developed new methods for analyzing microeconomic data, e.g. economic information about large groups of individuals, households, or firms. These methods have solid foundations in economic theory, but have evolved in close interplay with applied research on important social problems. Since 1991 Prof. Heckman has also worked on the impact of law on the economy. Among his many publications are the widely recognized books 'Law and Employment' and 'Incentives in Government Bureaucracies'.

Monday, January 17, 2005:

14:00 Keynote speech and dialogue at Chulalongkorn University

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