Former EU President Talks of Peace, Governance and Globalisation

January 29, 2017

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta: Former president of the European Union José Manuel Barroso was the guest speaker at the annual "Bridges" - dialogues towards culture of peace event held in Jakarta on the 25th of January 2017.The event series features speakers who have been the recipient of a Nobel Peace prize and Barroso was president of the EU at the time of their nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. He presented his keynote speech "From national to regional and global governance." Which touched on topics of politics, governance and globalization. The Nobel Laureate Lecture was presented at Prasetiya Mulya University BSD City in Tangerang.

Mr. Barroso spoke of the importance of Indonesia's history of tolerance and pluralism and the importance of the younger generations in the plight for peace and participation in the globalised world. This keynote lecture is apart of a series of events that is being held across ASEAN countries by the Vienna-based International Peace Foundation. "Bridges" is an event series that has been held in numerous ASEAN countries since 2003.