7 Nobel Laureates to Visit Indonesia

April 12, 2016


Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla welcomed Chairman of the Advisory Board of the International Peace Foundation, HSH Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein. They discussed, among others, the visit of several Nobel laureates to Indonesia next year.

"Several Nobel laureates plan to visit Indonesia next year," Kalla said at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/12/2016).

According to Kalla, the Nobel laureates come from various fields. They will give speeches in Indonesia.

Prince Alfred said the visit could improve peace in Indonesia. During his meeting with Kalla, Prince Alfred also talked about recent situation in Europe.

The chairman of the International Peace Foundation Uwe Morawetz stated seven Nobel laureates will come to Indonesia. They are experts from economics, peace, physics, chemistry and medicine fields.

The Nobel Leaureates will participate in 50 events in several Indonesian universities," we bring Nobel laureates to universities and schools to inspire youth," he concluded.