Meeting with International Peace Foundation

Nov, 2014

London School of Public Relations Jakarta is considered to be one of the institutions to be part of the 6th ASEAN event series "Bridges - Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace", which the International Peace Foundation will facilitate in Indonesia from November 2016 to April 2017 and to receive an important advice, guidance and possible cooperation.

Friday, November 7 2014 at the Penthouse-Campus C, The chairman, Mr. Uwe Morawetz come to discuss the mature concept of this event. The program aimed to strengthen education in Indonesia, will involve major events with the confirmed participation of Nobel Laureates for Economics, Peace, Physics, Chemistry and Medicine as well as with other world-renowned keynote speakers and artists.

The detailed information about the 500 past "Bridges" events, which have since 2003 been regularly held in other ASEAN countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore and which have so far reached a total audience of 160,000 participants. List of participants is available on the websites and (Uzlifat)