Former Italian Prime Minister has talks with Vietnamese students

Peoples Army Newspaper Online, 19 March 2013

PANO – Former Italian Prime Minister, Professor GS Romano Prodi, delivered a talk on the topic “Politics and peace” to Vietnamese students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in Hanoi on March 18th.

Professor Romano Prodi was the last keynote speaker in the 4th ASEAN event series “Bridges – Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace”, invited to Vietnam within the framework of the programme.

Answering questions from the press, he said that he had selected the topic because the US is now one of the countries influencing the rest of the world the most, and countries should set up common regulations to avoid conflicts in the complex context of international trade activities.

During the talks, the Professor gave the audience a panorama of global politics and peace, as well as the fast growth of trade relations.

This requires common cooperative mechanisms for countries to boost economic and trade cooperation in peace, according to him.

The professor also answered a number of questions about the relationship between politics and economics, monetary policy and peace, from Vietnamese students.