The science for peace, 12 February 2010


I am a medical student in the University of Health Science in Phnom Penh. It has been so long that I want to write blog about the health problems in my country. I hope that I can share all the medical information and knowledge which I have learned and observed from both the hospital and university to the readers. If anyone has the questions, you can send it to my email: And I also appreciate if other bloggers have any comments about my blog, and I would be thankful if any of you join this blog.

On friday, February 5, 2010, Prof. Torsten N. Wiesel came to visit my university. It was the greatest moment!

Prof. Torsten Nils Wiesel was awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine in 1981 in recognition of his pioneering work on the neural basis of visual perception, carried out at harvard Medical school in collaboration with Prof. David H. Hubel. Their studies showed how visual information collected by the retina is transmitted to and processed in the visual cortex of the brain. Their experiments greatly expaned the scientific knowledge of sensory processing and showed that the ocular domiance develops irreversibly early in the childhood development. Thes studies opened the door for the understanding and treatment of childhood cataracts and strabismus. They were also important in the study of cortical plasticity.