Here's some more info on what Oliver Stone said in his "Filmmaking and Peace Building" speech last Monday.
The Nation has a write up as well as the audio of apparently the whole speech.
Part One runs 33:22 minutes . Unfortunately, part one didn't have anything when I tried it. Maybe it was on a coffee break.
Part Two runs 28:50 minutes.

The Bangkok Post also ran an article about the speech. Stone commented on the two big contenders for the Best Picture/Director Oscars, saying about "The Hurt Locker" that it's "realistic, but it doesn't take any real's very apolitical. Whereas actually "Avatar" is a little more political". (Actually some have said "The Hurt Locker"'s apoliticalness is it's virtue).

He also talks about "Bang Rajan", the 2001 Thai film he brought to the U.S. and released in 2004.
And as for "Wall Street:MNS", "Twenty years after the original film, Wall Street is getting more serious, the numbers are bigger, the computers faster, more dangerous.

Now you can tip the whole market with no rhyme or reason, and we're talking billions of dollars, not millions. What happened was that the recent crisis was like a major heart attack. A film with a message about greed and money worship is more urgent than ever".