The Tempest

Guide of Bangkok - Monday, December 01, 2003

Bangkok is gearing up for the dance-theatre production of William Shakespeare's play now, in rehearsal stage and promising to be one of the most spectacular productions ever seen in Asia. It is a contemporary adaptation, choreographed and performed by Marcia Haydee and Ismael Ivo and presented by 'Culture in Motion', a collaboration between DaimlerChrysler and the Goethe Institute.

"At the initiative of the International Peace Foundation and Dance Centre school of performing arts, this production of The Tempest will be the artistic highlight of the year," says Uwe Morawetz, Chairman of the International Peace Foundation, Bangkok.

"We approached Dance Centre for this project because we have been very impressed by their talented work and dedication to promoting the performing arts in Thailand, under the direction of Vararom Pachimsawat, who, after returning to Thailand, an acknowledged professional dancer, created Dance Centre. We are very happy to be working with her and The Company of Performing Artists Thailand, who will be joined by the world celebrated prima ballerina Marcia Haydee and Ismael Ivo, who are the most famous dancers and choreographers of our time," he adds enthusiastically.

According to Vararom, rehearsals are in full gear: "For me, who has more than 30 years dance experience, this is perhaps the most challenging opportunity in my whole career and I am delighted to be involved. The professional arts in Thailand have been slow to mature and I believe this is a very important step in the right direction, which will not only awaken worldwide interest in Thailand, but will encourage more young people to pursue a career in dance and theatre."

The Tempest
Set for a world premier in Thailand
13-14 January, 2004 at Thailand Culture Center

Thai dancers, composers, costume designers, is indeed a joy, one that they are both looking forward to with a great deal of excitement and pleasure. "Coming here to Thailand for the first time, I was so impressed with the energy and creative gentleness of all the Thai people and I look forward to this opportunity of working more closely with them," says Marcia