Jackson sees US trapped in long-term guerrilla warfare

Bangkok Post - Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The US strike on Iraq has trapped the US in long-term guerrilla warfare and it now needs allies' help to get out of the problem, Jesse Jackson, a visiting US civil rights campaigner, said yesterday.

The former assistant to Martin Luther King Jr, who has twice run for president, said the United States was wrong to discard its allies during the invasion of Iraq.

"The US went in isolated. It is now fighting a war that it was not prepared for. A short war has turned out to be a long battle," he said.

"We may have won the battle alone but we cannot survive alone," he said.

The only way out for the US, he said, was to seek the help of allies including Germany, France and China, through the United Nations.

Mr. Jackson said the US invasion and occupation of Iraq had turned the country into a critical mass of "violence, fear and hatred".

"The US alone cannot determine outcomes in Iraq but it can build the platform and let Iraqis decide their own government," he said.